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Shady Realtors: The Things They Say

Posted by setton on July 15, 2016
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Shady Realtors: What They Say

– now that I have your attention

– Some realtors will say anything to secure a listing and earn a commission

– here are some of the “lines” that I hear most often

– this one’s my favourite: “I have a buyer for your home (whether it be from China or elsewhere)”

– may or may not be true. First of all, as realtors, we all have buyers we work with. Whether or not our buyer will buy your home out of the thousands of available homes listed for sale is a long shot.

– Second of all, you have to ask yourself, where does the loyalty lie with the agent that makes this statement? Is it to you the seller? Or is it to his buyer? I smell a conflict of interest here!

– Here is another fun one liner. When the agent asks you – “What would you like to sell your home for?” Let’s get one thing straight. One of the primary roles of the listing agent is to accurately price your home.

– Run from agents that ask you what you would like to sell for

– They should be advising you on price.

– So what else should the listing agent provide you with besides accurate pricing.

– marketing would be next on my list, including professional photography and video work, brochures, and a website to promote your home on the internet to name a few.

– most important thing to look for when hiring an agent is trust. Do you trust the person that is acting on your behalf? Is he or she looking out for your best interest or is he just trying to make a quick buck?

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